Alberta or Fort Macleod

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Could it be the rolling prairies that surrender to the foothills and majestic Rocky Mountains? Is it the history of being the first NWMP settlement in western Canada, that gives us stability and pride? Could it be the people that go out of their way to make this little town stretch to accomplish goals that few other communities will even attempt? Whatever it is, Fort Macleod is a vibrant town that holds the hearts of its residents, and charms those who come to visit.

Whether you are looking to set up a new business, or are here to participate in one of our Alberta or Fort Macleod events, we hope you will enjoy your time here while you explore our community. Town updates Election Fourm Powerline Upgrades Sept Oct 1, Parking Lot Closure Virtual Town Hall — October 14, Error: No connected. Please go to the Instagram Feed settings to connect an.

A young admirer enjoys the summer celebrations. Intricate beadwork adorns a Blackfoot dancer. The Sergeant at arms asks the children to inspect his troops. Over a century ago, NWMP surveyed the horizon from vantage points like this. The power of the west winds is harnessed to produce electricity.

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New infrastructure to the Industrial Park welcomes business. Many movies use Main Street Fort Macleod to shoot their films. The original cemetery has hetones from the original settlers. The Old Macleod Trail is marked along highway two west of Granum.

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Why do we love Fort Macleod? Town updates.

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Election Fourm No Events Today. Mon 27th. Council Meeting September 27 pm - pm. Tue 28th. Wed 29th.

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Thu 30th. Fri 1st. Sat 2nd. This error message is only visible to WordPress admins Error: No connected .

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The Fort Museum