Emotional affair at work

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Are you currently involved in a monogamous relationship but joke with your friends about having a work spouse? While people may snicker when talking about their work husband or work wife, its not always a laughing matter. Thats because some situations cross the line and transform into emotional affairs.

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Over the course of time, this can spell real trouble, particularly if you are married. What follows are seven s you may be having an emotional affair with your work spouse. Some of these may seem like common sense. Others might cause you to pause and reflect.

Read them all in context. As part of thisyou may also talk about a lack of emotional support or intimacy. In your mind, you entertain the idea of your partner dumping you because you know you Emotional affair at work a work spouse waiting in the wings. You may have even shared these thoughts with your office spouse; a person who encourages the idea of a split. At work, your office wife or office husband makes comments or gestures to you in private that are sexually suggestive.

You eagerly mirror similar comments back. When something good happens in your life and you want to share, the first person you tell is your work spouse. While you could tell your romantic partner this information, you opt to tell your office spouse instead. When others criticize your office spouse, you become highly defensive.

Even when he or she has made a major mistake, you go out of your way to minimize the damage. In short, youve always got this persons back. This one is simple you dont like it when your work spouse interacts with another coworker in ways that suggest closeness.

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In turn, you become envious and begin to badmouth that individual. Because you arent having physical relations with your work spouse, you have told yourself, Im not cheating. But at the same time, you also recognize the emotional bond with your office spouse is stronger than that of your partner.

If one or two of these traits strikes a chord of familiarity, thats probably no big deal. After all, most people get their emotional needs met from a variety of sources. That said, if the majority of s listed above apply to you, consider this an opportunity to get real about your situation. In closing, it is important to bear in mind that workplace relationships are rarely a secret. If you liked this post, follow me on Twitter!

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When a Friendly Relationship Becomes an Emotional Affair at Work