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Get to know more about the man behind the agent. He's from Brooklyn. Sam revealed his hometown in "Borderline" Season 2, Episode 3. He was a wide receiver on his high school football team. While he was a wide receiver, he had aspirations to play quarterback. His father was a Colonel. He was later disappointed when Sam chose to the Navy instead of the Marine Corps.

He speaks many languages, including Arabic.

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Sam has gone on a of undercover missions throughout his career and is an expert on the Middle East and the Qur'an. He enjoys origami. Sam takes everything he does very seriously, including his origami—as you can see from the handmade trinkets on his desk in "Between the Lines" Season 5, Episode He has a fear of clowns. Although he may be a tough guy, Sam has several fears that include clowns, hospitals, maggots, and snakes. He is a huge fan of Star Trek. As a man of many interests, of course, Sam Hanna would appreciate some adventurous science fiction like Star Trek.

He has diverse taste in music. He also enjoys improvisational jazz.

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He was hunted by the Taliban. An Afghani villager named Yusef saved his life. Sam owns a recipe book of "super smoothies. That's why he not only hits the gym, but watches what he eats, and swears by his smoothies. He once explained why acai berries were a super food. He's an expert at hand-to-hand combat. It wasn't a problem for him. He was called to Sudan to rescue aid workers.

While on the mission in Sudan in the early s, he killed a J anjaweed militia fighter in self-defense and brought that man's son, Mowadh "Moe" Dusa, back to the States.

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Moe got involved in radical Islam and later died. He created a nemesis by dividing a family. Sam went undercover trying to bring down Al-Qaeda affiliated Tahir Khaled. Tahir's sister, Jada, fell in love with Sam and became a useful source of information. He ultimately told her the truth and convinced her to move to the U. While Sam may have had a successful mission and has stayed in touch with Jada, he also created a nemesis who would come back to haunt him. He was buried alive.

While on one mission in Bosnia, Sam was captured and tortured before being buried alive. He posed as a criminal.

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Sam went undercover as a criminal in "Lockup" Season 2, Episode 14 to help his friend Moe, who died during the episode. He met his wife, Michelle, while working on a t task force with Hanna IN cheating wives CIA. The two worked together to stop Russian arms dealer Issac Sidorov from selling weapons to an al-Qaeda cell. Michelle later infiltrated Siderov's organization as an assassin operating under the alias "Quinn. He's careful about mixing his personal and work life. Being Sam's close partner, Callen knows about his son Aiden and daughter Kamran.

But Sam didn't always talk as openly with the rest of the team; Kensi and Deeks long believed he only had a single. He celebrated his five-year anniversary with Callen with a toast. For their five-year anniversary as partners, Sam got Callen a six-pack of beer brewed by Trappist monks living in Belgium in "Partners" Season 3, Episode As Sam's more of a champagne guy, Callen got him a vintage bottle of bubbly. He is an oenophile and a certified sommelier. He even has a gold corkscrew pin to prove it. He had a '69 Challenger named Charlene. Sam rebuilt his muscle car that was ultimately stolen.

He upgraded to a newer version. His wife was killed at the behest of his arch nemesis. In the Season 8 episode "Uncaged"—Sam tried to rescue his kidnapped wife, Michelle—an act that involved the infamous terrorist Tahir Khaled. Unfortunately, Sam was unable to save Michelle's life; she died in the same episode.

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