Looking for a wiccan friend

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One rubbed his head, neck, and shoulders, another worked on his hands, while a third rubbed his inner thighs and pelvic region, her whole body writhing sinuously to the new-age sitar melodies playing in the background. Six months earlier, Friend and two of these women held their first Wicca ritual in Montreal, where they were spending the weekend for a yoga workshop Friend was hosting.

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Friend, who is currently on sabbatical and could not be reached for comment, has been at the center of a widely publicized sex scandal which resulted in a breakdown of trust within his yoga community and a mass exodus of top teachers, as well as a debate about whether he abused his power—even though all the women involved were consenting adults. Over the next few years, as Melissa studied to become an Anusara teacher herself, she discovered she shared with Friend an interest in pagan traditions and philosophies.

Whenever Friend mentioned pagan high days in class, he often called on her to articulate them to the other students. A fourth woman, another Anusara teacher, had ed the coven prior to the solstice celebration, and Friend had introduced the idea that everyone would give each other sensual naked massages throughout the day. It was an auspicious time in many ways for Friend.

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Today, the practice boasts 1, d instructors andstudents. He was also traveling the world to teach workshops to hundreds of people and, as the sole owner of Anusara Inc. Melissa said Friend rewarded students and employees he liked, while effectively blacklisting those who questioned his power or philosophy. At one point, Melissa said, she was on the receiving end of his favoritism. It was his clubhouse. As went on, Melissa began to distance herself from both Friend and Anusara.

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Friend would sleep with Melissa one night and the other original coven member the next, though no one ever had sex during rituals, Melissa said. In early February of this year, the rifts became public when an ex-Anusara employee posted anonymous accusations on a website, jfexposed. The original posting featured lewd photo exchanges between Friend and a married student; s and letters from him to members of the Blazing Solar Flames; and a memo alleging how Friend attempted to illegally freeze promised pension funds.

An exodus of Anusara teachers—more than one hundred, by some counts—followed the release of the allegations, and Friend decided to step down as CEO of Anusara Inc. Anusarans who remain aligned with Friend call for him to be forgiven. People have been redeemed for doing a lot worse. But some former teachers describe the defense of Friend as a version of Stockholm Syndrome. Other yoga teachers expressed concern that Friend mixed his teaching with personal sexual relationships.

While Melissa left the coven and Anusara on her own terms, others, such as Amy Ippoliti, who separated from Friend prior to the allegations, felt bullied out.

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Ippoliti said that when she told Friend she believed his personal habits were affecting his teaching, she was met with disdain. Despite his leave of absence, Friend is still very much the face of Anusara. The explicit photos were never discussed in the conference call. Crossword Newsletters. TECH Disinformation. Lizzie Crocker. Updated Jul. Getty Images.

Looking for a wiccan friend

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