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In this podcast, we chat about Comics Are For Everyonean experiment Dawn Griffin and three other all-ages comic creators tried recently at a convention in Philadelphia. The print tower! It reminded people that WE are the artists behind the books, and as people watched Ryan watercolor, he talked up our books right around the corner. Another great show- very interesting insight on the prize wheel! I thought about doing raffles before but it just seemed like a headache.

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Also any chance of seeing a photograph of your booth? He was at the far right side of the table. Sounds like you guys are onto something, forming a Con Group. That would cover the time it takes to make a very quick sketch single character. Great show as usual people. Once again guys thanks for having me on the show.

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Casey and I had a blast in Philly sharing a booth with you all. You can be our regular guest whenever one of us gets sick or too tired to be on. You can come on when Dawn has basketball or baseball to watch. Thanks for having me back Byron and Dawn!

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I had a blast both on the show and at the con. I do do a lot of prints but I love art and comics books. I used to work at Six Flags doing caricatures and we put them in clear bags. This way while the customer walked around the park with the finished product in the clear bag, other people in the park could see the product. I feel the same thing can be applied to your books and prints. One of my friends, a caricature artist, does the same thing only he has his logo and info printed on the clear bag. Great show and great idea with the combined booth idea. Thanks for posting the pics! Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail.

Welcome to the Alliance Chat: Where no topic has gone before! Us knucklehe.

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Even Throg liked our prize wheel. More Books! We were all about the books! Another instant request! Photo is now added! Thanks for listening. Thanks, Jande! See you all at the next one! Also, invite me back on the podcast whenever you like.

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Anytime you want to be on, just let us know.

Looking for im chat38

email: [email protected] - phone:(225) 848-8053 x 1852

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