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A part of Newport which is being earmarked as a deated area for prostitutes should not become like Amsterdam, an MP has warned. Gwent Police is considering plans to have a non-residential area of Pill for prostitutes. A police spokeswoman said enforcement alone was "not an effective solution". She operates from her own home and said she would be "too frightened" to work on the streets.

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Michelle fears deated areas could lead to more attacks on sex workers, including rape and murder. She said: "Having a toleration zone is one thing; having them in the right area is another. Michelle wants sex workers to be consulted and more safety for women working the streets, with proper policing.

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She said: "The law is so intent in criminalising people. There are women in Cardiff who have been forced into the trade, trafficked.

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That needs to be stopped. Michelle is part of the English Collective of Prostitutes, a network of sex workers. A spokeswoman for the network said most sex workers were mothers working to feed their children and called for more resources to help women who want to leave the profession or stop using drugs. Alex Feis-Bryce, chief executive of National Ugly Mugs, a support service for sex workers when they are victims of crime, welcomed any move that did not involve enforcement.

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He added: "Many sex workers want to move away from police. There's a certain lack of trust between sex workers and police. The plans follow a similar pilot scheme in the north of England. Plans to set up area for prostitutes. Plans to tackle city prostitution. Pilot scheme to protect sex workers.

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Cardiff sex worker 'Michelle' fears more attacks on sex workers. Related Topics.

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Newport Prostitution Gwent Police. More on this story. Published 26 July Published 27 March Published 19 September Published 29 August

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