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I never wanted the baby- Why do I feel sad after miscarrying? For men who are staring an abortion decision in the face, it is not a decision to be made lightly or without considering the possible implications.

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Men involved in an abortion clinic procedure can experience long-term, life-altering consequences. Possible emotional consequences from an [ With internet dating and apps becoming more and more popular, you rarely know more than three things [ No one ever dreams of being in a relationship that is dangerous, toxic or unhealthy; however, many of us still find ourselves in that situation.

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This [ Does it matter if men communicate support to the mother of their children from the beginning of the pregnancy? Do men actually think that support and their presence matter during the nine month pregnancy as they wait for that beautiful baby girl or boy to adorn their world?

When men have seen generational unavailability or non-involvement in their lives, does that mean it should be the norm? See our latest blog from the perspective of a father.

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Our society is bombarded with images and messages of casual sex. We are obsessed with it.

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And as you process all of the emotion, fear, anger, shock and guilt, the question pops into our [ I recently graduated from college, and this was not the plan. As a recent grad from college I have seen the need first hand for a pregnancy and sexual health resource center. One of the biggest things I noticed while a student, and also post graduation, has been the [ Why do I feel sad?

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. Not Always A Fairy Taleā€¦. Men Really Do Matter! Sacred Sex? Pregnant in College: How do I tell my Parents?

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Sex dating in Gateway

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