Swinging in Albuquerque

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The other female has lesbian tendencies that make me uncomfortable. Her boyfriend is juggling two partners at once, alternating nights for each one. My husband has told him he can do whatever he wants in front of us, which I find awkward and embarrassing.

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How do I put the genie back in the bottle without ruining my marriage and friendships? Do not allow yourself to be coerced into anything you are not comfortable with, and that includes threesomes.

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Much as you might wish it, you are not going to change your husband, which is why it may be time for you to revisit this subject with him and the help of a d marriage and family therapist. He had a history of drug use, but had been sober for about four years before he stopped attending meetings. I have two children from my marriage.

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He knew when we started dating that if he relapsed, the relationship was over. He did, so I ended it then and there. Austin begged me for a second chance and for my help.

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How can I explain to them there was nothing I could do? Save yourself the frustration of trying to point out the truth to his family. They are blaming you rather than their son because the truth — that Austin was responsible for his own actions and his own death — may be too hard for them to face.

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Swinging in Albuquerque

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DEAR ABBY: Wife wants out of husband’s fling in swinging lifestyle