Women dating older Serbia

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I agree with what Stooferuk said; be careful talking about the war. I have serveral good friends who came to the US during the war, and they get riled up when we discuss it. They feel that media coverage, especially in the US, was incredibly biased and incomplete.

They are fairly nationalistic Srbija forever!

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So if you do get talking about their recent history, make it clear that you are interested in their viewpoint. About do's and don'ts - don't think about it that much, just be natural. Serbians are not aliens!

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Many comments about the family All I can say is: ok respect her parents and it's always cute when someone is trying to speak a little Serbian, but if you're not staying at her place in case that she is living with her parents which is very common situation here and if your relationship still isn't that serious than don't involve much in the family, except she wants you to.

Yes, we are pretty sensitive about war topic, but only in cases when someone from another country wants to teach us about the situation that happened here But I believe that by now most people are aware of a bad propaganda and false statements about Serbs during Women dating older Serbia years, and anyone who come here is pleasantly surprised about Belgrade and people who live here. Normally best to avoid politics and war topic on forum and in general, but I'd like to comment on perhaps a misconception.

I'm not sure that's a fair generalisation today, certainly don't arrive with that idea. SNE is right, a better word is sensitive and not a little intolerant of ignorance and biased opinion. What took place 10 years ago is incredible and much has been swept under the carpet.

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When you come to Belgrade, you'll see citizens want to forget and move on, most indeed have, but pass the monument in Tasmijdan park, stop and read, then maybe understand just a little of the hurt. The inscription says: 'They were only children', it still brings a tear to the eye if not a little anger at how our politicians can fail us all.

I agree with Popoc and disagree with the most recent post about the 'modern Serbian man'.

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I believe some have modernized to an extent, but that the roots Women dating older Serbia heavily entrenched in a women-subservient culture. I am an American woman, married two years now to a Serbian Novi Sad man, age We've had many cultural struggles in our relationship and marriage The many many joyful parts of our life together makes it all worth it, but sometimes it can be very difficult. I am very strong and independent, so I really struggle with the way he speaks down to me sometimes.

I've learned to take a step back to collect myself and realize he's not a total jerk, this is just what he knows And he does make steady changes, slowly but surely. That's why I stay; I see him trying so hard to make it work for me. He is willing to pitch in with the cooking and cleaning When visiting his family in Serbiahe reverts to his Serbian nature and will not lift a single finger to help his mom with household chores - I am appalled, but that is his home where he grew up, so it is not my place to dictate how it should work.

I believe the Serbian men are shined upon and catered to, so my husband often acts as if he is in his own world I am the complete opposite and think of him before I take care of myself, so it sometimes breaks my heart when I feel I'm making all the sacrifices. He is the biggest, most cuddly and affectionate man with me, which makes it all worth it. If you are thinking about a relationship with a Serbian man, you will be handsomely rewarded, but you will also struggle to extremes you never even knew. There are many Serbian-American relationships, so you will have support if you reach out for it!

IMO You very much speak for yourself, you cannot generalise about all Serbian men in that fashion just because of your particular marriage experience. It's an easy excuse for older generation but not modern, just the same in UK. So that's just another example. Yes I know guys in Belgrade that act as you say, but they are just men, all different depending on the person not birth.

I'm sure you'll feed of the best of each other and your cultural mix will be a big advantage to you both. Dating in Serbia Browse all 2, Women dating older Serbia topics ยป.

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Women dating older Serbia

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